Kerala, a Land of Paradise Reflects the Beauty of Nature’s Wonder

19When the word Kerala comes in our mind, we automatically feel the fragrance of tea and spices around us. The aroma that takes you to the way of Lake, Waterfalls, Rivers, House Boat and forest that is Kerala, known as God’s own place. Kerala is rich in cultural, natural and religious perspective that makes this state a unique one.

It is said that; “State of Kerala is a hot spot for commercial causes that strengthen the trade of Cloves, Cardamom, Tea, Black Pepper, Cashews, and Cinnamon etc.”

Some worthy points about the beauty of Kerala in terms of their natural assets, cultural aspects are given below:

1. Thirunelly ‘A House of Healing’: Thirunelly, 34 km from Mananthavady in upper wayanad. Thirunelly temple is also known as ‘Thekkan Kashi’ of the South’, which reiterates its importance as a pilgrimage centre. Although Thirunelly lies amid incredible scenery, it is devoid of the common trappings of most pilgrim towns; there are no shops selling religious paraphernalia and there is no typical by-lane called Temple Street. The temple here the deals with the enormous flow of pilgrims with an admirable efficiency. Most devotees come by evening to take part in a Pooja that takes place here at night, bathe in the Papanashini stream in the morning and leave by afternoon. It is believed that the waters of this holy stream wash away all mortal sins. Another important belief associated with the temple is that people may connect with their ancestors, by praying at the holy Pakshipathalam Rock.

2. The Agraharams of Palakkad: Legends trace the setting up of Palakkad’s agraharams to a romantic story. It is said that a prince of the royal dynasty of Kochi fell in love with a tribal girl, and was ostracized for his relationship with an outcast. The prince decided to leave his family and settled down in the area to set up the royal dynasty of Palakkad. The Namboodiri Brahmins in the region, who wanted to put in officiating the ceremonies of an ex-communicated prince, left the area. The Palakkad kings sought the help of Brahmins living on the other side of the Palakkad Gap, who graciously agreed. As a result, Tamil Brahmins settled down in Palakkad. The areas where they settled, grew into Agraharams.

3. Wildlife watch at Periyar wildlife Sanctuary: The sprawling Periyar Tiger reserve falls in the southern segment of the Western Ghats in the Cardamom Hills at an altitude of 6,000ft. This is the largest sanctuary in Kerala, covering an area of 777 sq km. The Periyar wildlife Sanctuary is a known tiger and elephant reserve. It undertakes numerous conservation activities for the preservation of these species. A popular image of the Periyar wildlife Sanctuary is its vast lake surrounded by hills, sometimes with a herd of elephants bathing and playing in the water. The lake provides a safe vantage point for experiencing Periyar’s wildlife.

Visitors can watch animals, birds, fish and butterflies of many different kinds from a bamboo raft on lake. The bamboo rafts, which can be hired from the Boat Jetty near the Wildlife Information Centre, drift across the lake making almost no sound and thus cause very little disturbance to the animals.

In the nutshell; We can say that, “Kerala is a land of tranquil feeling that refresh you in terms of physically and mentally feel of healing and freshness.” you can take the benefits of this natural city with Kerala tour packages that offers you the best choice of selection to visit the town with more fun and joy.