I’m not linking to the original story in the LA Times

The entire article is expressing puzzlement over why millions of women don’t sign up to start taking toxic chemotherapy drugs even though they don’t have cancer!And the logic goes like this: (here are a few paragraphs straight out of the story for purposes of commentary and public education)”The millions of Americans who take a pill each day to drive down their cholesterol or blood pressure do not generally think of themselves as “sick.” They believe that they are treating one thing high cholesterol or blood pressure and helping to prevent something worse: a heart attack or stroke.The article then goes on to quote poison peddling doctors with quotes like this one: “These medications have been underutilized to this point by anyone’s standards.”And then there’s this quote which expresses bewilderment at why patients wouldn’t trust drug companies to tell the truth: “The hatred and mistrust of the pharmaceutical companies was just astounding.”Gee, really? You mean after all the lies about HRT drugs, statin drugs and antidepressant drugs were exposed? You mean after all the fraud Canada Goose Jas Sale, the bribery, the faked clinical trials and the massive chemical toxicity experienced by people on Big Pharma’s drugs, that people don’t trust the drug companies anymore? Naw.I’m not linking to the original story in the LA Times hotcanadagoose.com canada goose outlet online, by the way, because I don’t want to give them any link popularity points, but you can easily find it by searching for the article title on Google.Scammy “tiny belly” acai weight loss adsOh, and it gets even better. For months, the LA Times has been running ads promoting a scammy acai berry weight loss company that uses fake news websites to trick people into turning over their credit card details. These credit cards then get charged a “membership fee” (which is non refundable after 7 days) for the privilege of being charged every month for a shipment of non remarkable acai berry tablets.These are the illustrated ads that say things like “shrink your belly using this one weird tip.”This whole acai berry operation is run by an offshore company engaged in dubious e commerce transactions, and it has generated an avalanche of consumer complaints.

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Canada Goose Jackets 31 SBDM meeting, it was announced that staff reduction for the 2017 18 year would include the school goal clarity coach. According to minutes from that meeting available on the district’s website, some JCPS schools cut the goal clarity coach position last year Canada Goose Sale, but Norton opted to keep the position with the school picking up a percentage of that salary (instead of the district).During a Feb. 28 meeting canada goose jassen, the SBDM minutes indicate that Stites recommended the council eliminate the goal clarity coach position for two reasons, one because of the add on budget reduction by the board.The second reason was initially unknown because it was later redacted from the minutes by someone at the district Canada Goose Jackets.

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