Meanwhile, Clinton was getting a campaign boost Saturday from

The Republican is trailing his opponent in most of the battleground states while Clinton eyes potential upset victories in traditionally safe GOP territory, with Arizona at the top of the list.An increasingly confident Clinton on Saturday made what become her closing pitch in Pittsburgh cheap jerseys, stressing unity and asking her backers to carry her message to any Trump supporters they meet.understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them and I want to be their president, she said.As Election Day nears, Clinton is also focusing on getting Democrats elected to Congress. She attacked the state Republican senator, Pat Toomey, saying he has refused to up to Trump as she touted his Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty.Her campaign headquarters in New York was back up and running after a scare over an envelope that arrived containing a white powdery substance. Initial tests showed the substance wasn harmful.Meanwhile, Clinton was getting a campaign boost Saturday from singer and pop icon Katy Perry, who was pushing early voting in Las Vegas.More than 4.4 million votes have already been cast.

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