Rara Lake Trek

16Rara lake is located in the midwestern region of Nepal. Rara Lake lies in Rara National Park (106 sq km), is the smallest national park of Nepal. Rara Lake is the biggest lake of Nepal with an area of 10.8 sq km and depth of 167 m. This lake is the main attraction of this region.

Rara National Park is a habitat for endangered species of mammals and birds, including Chir, Red panda, Leopard, Black bear, Ghoral, Jharal and many more. The forests of this area are generally covered by coniferous trees.

Rara is one of the best trekking routes in the west. This trekking trail is located in the most remote part of the country generally trekkers trek to. This lake area is less disturbed or has a very low human impact, hence, the water is very clean and the area around is also very clean. Though having great potentiality and great beauty with amazing scenery, due to the remoteness of this place very few tourists go there. As well as very few households reside near this area.

Rara Lake is very favorable in terms of climatic situations. Summer season is suitable in comparison to the winter season as cold and breezy wind flows. During the winter the temperature goes below freezing points so the best seasons to visit Rara lake are autumn and spring. During the months in winter, this region receives heavy snow fall so it becomes hard to trek.

The Spring season is regarded as the best season for the trek to Rara because trekkers can see different species of flowers blooming around the lake, which enhances the beauty of the lake. Rara lake also acts as a wetland and provides the habitat for different species of migrating birds coming all the way from Siberia. So, it is also the place to visit for the trekkers who love watching various species of birds and also to the ornithologists. So excluding rainy/monsoon season all the other seasons can be regarded as the best season to make a trek to Rara.

The view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks above the lake enhance the attraction of trekkers. This trek can be categorized as a hard trek. It is a hard trek because we come along rough, steep hills on our way to Rara. Chuchemare Danda is the best viewpoint near Rara lake that provides an awesome view of the lake along with the beautiful range of the Himalayas in the North. The trek begins after our flight to Jumla from Kathmandu. From Jumla we start our trek and reach Rara in 3 days. Our trek becomes worth it when we reach this lake. But alternatively, the trekkers who have limited time can reach Rara lake after just 4 hours walk from the airport in Mugu. But the real adventure and pleasure are gained by the trekkers trekking all the way from Jumla.