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A Site of Incredible Beauty

15One of the largest of its kind in the city of Bengaluru, Ulsoor Lake provides travellers with an ideal destination to indulge in a calm row across its surface, relax on its grassy green banks or venture to any one its many islands.

Ulsoor Lake presents an extremely scenic destination in India that has also made it the shooting location of more than one local film. Watching the sunset over the lake is yet another aspect of the area’s beauty that should not be passed over when presented with the opportunity.

For those wanting to traverse the lake on a boat, there is a small boating club located near the lake. This provides the perfect chance to see the whole area in a new light and stop off at one of the many islands that are located in its waters. Visitors have the choice of either taking a boat out by themselves or book a tour that takes all the boating responsibility off their hands.

Travellers coming to Bangalore between August and September will be able to witness a special Ganesha festival that takes place exclusively during this period. Another religious attraction that is located here is the gurudwara which is the largest such Shikh shrine in the entire country which lies next to the lake.

Various buildings that were constructed during the British colonial era still stand in their original locations next to the lake including a swimming pool which visitors can use to take a dip. Two other structures located nearby are Kensington Park and the Subbaraya.

When exploring the many attractions of the city, travellers will need to find a suitable Bangalore hotel for their stay. Ista Hotel Bangalore is a popular choice among the many Bangalore luxury hotels due to its location that offers spectacular views of Ulsoor Lake.

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The Beauty of the Lake District

14The Lake District National Park in Cumbria is full of beautiful scenery that cannot be beaten pretty much anywhere else in Europe. The landscapes, rugged mountains, lakes and farmhouses are truly a mesmerizing sight which only those that have been can truly appreciate.

There are around 880 square miles of beautiful scenery to explore. Since 1951 the area has gained National Park status which means the area is being conserved for all to appreciate its natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. Anyone planning on visiting England for the first type should most definitely visit this great area or natural beauty known as the Lake District.

Sheep farming has been the main source of economy over recent years. Today sheep farming still remains a very important factor to the economy of The Lake District. The area attracts visitors from all around the world and this tourism is a serious boom to its economy. The region remains one of the main sources of granite and slate which is both used in the building industry. The quarrying has left is marks on the landscape but does not really ruin the landscapes.

English literature and The Lake District goes hand in hand with may famous authors putting their mark on the area. The first person to make its mark in terms of literature is the poet Thomas Gray. He was one of the first to visit then document his tour of the area in 1769. His account of the area is known as Gray’s ‘Journal of his Tour in the Lake District’ was published in 1775 and went on to became one of the eighteenth-century’s most popular and most read guides to the Lakes.

It was the English poet William Wordsworth which really put the lakes on the map. He moved to the now famous Dove Cottage in Grasmere. After years living in the area he wrote his ‘Guide through the District of the Lakes’ which was published in 1820. Today you can take a tour of Wordsworth’s international collection of manuscripts, portraits, and valuables in the museum which has been named after him.

Beatrix Potter is another famous name associated with the area. Today she is remembered for artistic and literary skills in her writings. Most famously “The tale of Peter Rabbit” which was inspired by her visits to the area as a child. There is now a museum dedicated to Beatrix where you can see some of her illustrations and learn all about her life and love of nature. When she died she left most of her property to the National Trust.

The Lakes freshwater is great for watching otters, pikes and British sharks. There are many tours, events and activities which centre on and around the lakes. You can go on a cruise of Lake Windermere all year round except Christmas day. One cruise last for about three hours and includes a visit the aquarium, a steam railway and the World of Beatrix Potter. Some of the lake cruises originate from Victorian times.

Because the area is steeped in rich heritage and beautiful landscapes it’s not hard to see why it has become a chosen destination for millions of tourists each year. The challenges of the mountains, the horse riding hiking and sailing are all top activities which attract visitors. This area is truly a beautiful destination for a short holiday or break which has something for everyone. If you have never been and are planning to visit you will not be disappointed.

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Discover the Beauty of Lake Geneva

13Geneva is a beautiful city to visit, and one that you should try to explore a bit even if you had just planned to pass through on your ski transfers. Geneva has a long and exciting history and there are many landmarks to enjoy, such as St Pierre Cathedral and the Jet d’Eau.

However, it is also famous for its natural surroundings, with the stunning Lake Geneva being one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the area.

A Vast Body of Water

Lake Geneva is one of the biggest lakes in Western Europe, with a total surface area of 223.95 square miles. It is divided between Switzerland and France, with 133.32 square miles located in Switzerland. It was formed by a glacier and has a unique crescent shape, and if you get up close and personal to the lake during your ski transfers, Geneva is an excellent place to do so.

There are many sites of interest around the lake, with Geneva being one of the most important, and others such as Nyon, Villeneuve, Vevey and Lausanne a few of the most popular. All around the lake the shores are known for their beauty, with wooded slopes and lush green fields, and at the eastern edge the landscape becomes Alpine.

Explore the Lake

There are many ways that you can enjoy the lake when you pass through Geneva on your ski transfers. Geneva is a great place to stop off and explore, so try and take the opportunity at some point if you can. One of the most popular ways to experience Lake Geneva is by taking a cruise from the city. This is one tourist attraction that comes highly recommended. Summer is the best time to do this, and when you head out you can enjoy cruises lasting from an hour to a lot longer to really immerse yourself in the beauty of the lake.

See the Sights

There are many exciting sights that you can see from the lake when you head out on a cruise in between your ski transfers. Geneva has a number of famous landmarks, and some of these are even more impressive from the lake. These include the Jet d’Eau, the huge water fountain for which the city is famous, St Pierre Cathedral with its high spires, and a number of other impressive buildings lining the lake shores – including castles and large buildings further along the lake shores.

Cycle or Walk

Two of the best ways to see the lake are cycling or walking around it. There are lots of cycle and hiking trails for all levels, and the entire lake offers thousands of miles of trails if you really want to go exploring. However, when you are in the city, you can still walk or cycle along the edges of the lake.

Explore this Beautiful Lake

If you decide to explore Lake Geneva between your ski transfers, Geneva is a good place to start. Head to the city, take a cruise and then either go walking or cycling to discover the beauty of this stunning lake for yourself.