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Pangong Lake


Pangong Lake is near the border of India with the People’s Republic of China. It is a majestic lake found in the high altitudes of Ladakh. Locally, people call it as Pangong Tso. In the local language, “tso” means lake. The neighbouring China occupies two-third of this beautiful and serene lake. India occupies the rest part of this high-altitude lake. Being close to the border, it is always under the control of the armed forces of the largest democracy in the world.

Popularity of Pangong Lake

Being a serene and clear lake, it has become a favourite place among the domestic and international tourists visiting that part of the world. This is primarily due to the Bollywood movie ‘3idiots’ that has a number of scenes shot on the shores of this beautiful lake. The last scene of the movie showcases Karina Kapoor and Amir Khan romancing by the side of this majestic lake. This film seems to have motivated the fans to visit this place to imbibe its beauty first-hand, braving the tough terrain they have to pass before reaching there. Once reaching there, people would never complain for the efforts they had taken to reach the lake.

Approach to Pangong Lake

Located at a height of 4250 meters from the sea level, it spreads across the cold Indian desert of Ladakh, bordering the neighbouring country Peoples’ Republic of China. Even the approach to this beautiful lake passes by the countryside in Ladakh. One such beautiful village the visitors would come across en route to the lake is Sakti, which is a small hamlet in the awesome countryside. The tourists would forget their energy-sapping journey on reaching the lake and viewing it in the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. It is the largest saline lake in the Asian continent.

Pangong Lake

On walking by the side of the lake, one can literally feel the tranquillity and see the azure blue waters it provides. Most people visit this water body to see the changing colours. Under the effect of sunlight, the saline water present in the lake plays out different colours to produce the visual cue for the visitors. Before their eyes, the colours change from aqua green to indigo blue. The locals say that the lake freezes in the winter. So the visitors can walk over the surface of the lake during that season. That again provides an experience of a lifetime. The best season for this is from November to March every year.