Lake Thunderbird Cherokee Village Arkansas

31Lake Thunderbird is definitely one of the best outdoor highlights in the Ozarks of northern Arkansas.

Come enjoy all the beauty of the Ozarks on wonderful Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village, Arkansas. Beautiful lakefront homes surround this lake located right in the heart of the village. Cherokee Village is a water lover’s dream with its seven lakes and access to the Southfork and Spring Rivers. Spend a day on the water with family and friends and you’ll be hooked. It’s a wonderful area to enjoy the water. Many people take leisurely night cruises to take in the pleasures of the evening on the water.

With over 7 miles of shoreline, this lake is excellent for boating, water-skiing, tubing, fishing, swimming, and canoeing. It is the largest and most popular lake in the village.

Thunderbird Marina is conveniently located on Iroquois Drive, and is a full service marina with boat rentals, bait and fishing tackle, ice, and water ski and tube rentals as well. Their telephone number is 870-257-3240. Bob McCullough is the manager of the marina and is a wealth of information about anything you need to know about all the lakes.

Thunderbird is stocked with Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and other fish known to the northern Arkansas areas for those that want to try their luck.

Lake Sequoyah is also connected to Thunderbird by a navigable channel that connects and allows boat access between Lake Thunderbird and Lake Sequoyah. The channel also provides access by boat to Gitche Gummee Swimming Beach on Lake Sequoyah.

All lakes in the village are private and available to property owners and their guests. If you are staying in the village, it is easy to get a guest pass to use the lake.

Hiking in the Natural Beauty of the National Parks of the United States

22If you enjoy hiking then there can be no better setting for a day’s hiking than the many wonderful national parks of the United States.

At one extreme you have the Badlands of South Dakota and the Petrified National Forest in Arizona and at the other you have the lush green scenery of Crater Lake in Oregon or the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Then, in between, you have the thick forests, icy lakes and majestic mountains of Glacier Park in Montana or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, whose 14,000 foot peaks offer some truly exciting hiking.

Of course if you are looking for something truly spectacular then there is nothing quite as stunning as the Grand Canyon in Arizona which many people quite rightly refer to as the eighth wonder of the world. This gash which Mother Nature has gouged out of the earth runs for nearly 300 miles, is 18 miles wide at its widest point and is a breathtaking one mile in depth.

Nature truly provides some wonderful settings for the hiker and another is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which boasts several different ecosystems and allows you hike across black lava sands one day and through dense rain forest the next.

And speaking of volcanoes, is there any more spectacular experience than standing right beside Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park when it sends its pillar of spray high into the air. Yellowstone provides some excellent hiking trails as does the nearby Grand Teton National Park which, in the opinion of many people, is simply one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

For nature lovers a hike through Crater Lake in Oregon is also a must where the giant lake is surrounded by high and densely forested mountains which are home to both bears and soaring hawks. If you enjoy fishing then you will find that Crater Lake has an abundant supply of trout.

Although everyone has their own favorite national park (mine is unquestionably Great Teton) for many millions of people the prize goes to Yosemite.

Yosemite National Park offers many spectacular views including that of El Capitan which is the largest granite outcrop on the planet and whose 3,000 foot sheer face attracts climbers from all over the world. There are also of course Yosemite’s many magnificent waterfalls, of which Yosemite Falls itself is the best known, which splash their way down the mountain sides through dense forest which is crisscrossed by hundreds of hiking trails.

Yosemite is also home to some of the most spectacular sequoia trees to be seen anywhere in the world and no visit to Yosemite would be complete without a hike through Mariposa Grove and the lesser know, but no less spectacular, Merced Grove and Tuolumne Grove.

The list of national parks and their memorable attractions could go on and on and for those living in the United States they fortunately provide more than a lifetime worth of incredible hiking experiences.

A Holiday Package to Bangladesh to Witness the Beauty of Nature at Its Best!

21There are some people in the world, who wish to see and feel everything that is beautiful. It can either be a place, person, or thing. Anything awe-inspiring will be appreciated by us human beings, especially the nature. A positive environment becomes more spectacular, when you add magnificence to it. One such fascinating place on planet earth, which you will love to make your next best holiday destination is Bangladesh.

A trip to this wonderful place can help you witness natural beauty at its best. Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia, which is surrounded by India on its north, west, and east. Earlier a part of India itself, Bangladesh was separated, only to become an independent country. However, it continues to be house to some amazing tourist spots, lush forests, as well as the mesmerizing flora and fauna. Hills, lakes, waterfalls, and other such natural sightseeing spots form the centre of attraction for the tourists visiting Bangladesh.

With a holiday package to this stunning country of Bangladesh, you can explore a large variety of naturally breathtaking destinations that not many of us would know about. Starting with two of the highest peaks in this country, you can head to the Chimbuk and Keokradong Hills, respectively. The jaw-dropping views from these hilltops are worth all the effort you will put in reaching to the top. Standing below the vast sky on the Chimbuk peak, you will feel that you are floating amidst the clouds.

These picturesque scenes can be captured in your camera for a livelong memory. Breathing in the fresh air, when you are at such a height, will relieve you of all the stress and tension. If sitting by the lake or river and watching the sun set slowly in the water is something that excites you, then you can visit the Boga Lake. This hill lake in Bangladesh is a one of its kind water body, where you can enjoy a camp fire with your family and friends during the nature trail. Other water bodies that add to the natural beauty of the place are the Prantik Lake and Sangu River.

Not many would think of visiting Bangladesh for a family vacation, because the place’s exquisiteness makes it more appealing to the honeymooners. Serene and heavenly, Bangladesh can be a great holiday spot for the newlyweds. Wishing to spend some quality time with your spouse in Bangladesh, you can head to the Nafakhum, Remakri, Rijuk, and Shaila Propat Waterfalls respectively.

These extraordinary waterfalls are some of the most visited tourist attractions in Bangladesh during the monsoon season. Depending on your mood, you can choose to either have a dip in the cool water gushing down through these waterfalls, or relax on a nearby rock as you gaze at the striking natural water body. The Cox’s Bazar beach can be your next destination, when in Bangladesh for a vacation. Many such other naturally beautiful destinations can be visited in association with Magic Holidays, which is a Timeshare product!

Exploring The Beauty Of Malawi And Madagascar

20Located in south-east Africa, bordering Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, Malawi is one of Africa’s most scenic destinations offering a range of attractions such as Lake Malawi, unspoilt wildlife sanctuaries and unending grasslands.

Lake Malawi is easily the most popular attraction for the majority of people going on a Malawi safari. Positioned on the Great Rift Valley, the 365 miles-long and 52miles-wide lake dominates the landscape of the small landlocked country.

A large section of the lake is protected within the Lake Malawi National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site and the world’s first freshwater lake, which supports a thriving population of wild animals including the big five; lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard. Lake Malawi is home to over 400 species of freshwater fish, most of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Other popular destinations for Malawi safari include Majete Wildlife (the country’s only official Big 5 Park), Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Liwonde National Park, Nyika National Park (the oldest national park in Malawi), Likoma Island, Lilongwe and Blantyre among others.

Black rhino, lion and leopard can be spotted in Majete and Liwonde. Other animals that can be seen in Malawi include baboon, hyena, warthog, zebra, buffalo, roan, eland, water-buck and bush duiker among others. Malawi’s national parks have only a few lodges operating in each of them – which gives them an exclusive ambiance that cannot be felt in most African game reserves.

More than 650 species of birds have been recorded in Malawi – making the country a haven for birdwatchers. These include red-winged francolin, pelican, kingfisher, livingstone flycatcher, black-breasted snake eagle among others.

The best time to visit Malawi is during the drier winter months – between May and October. This is also the best time to take a game drive in Malawi because during the dry season much of the foliage has thinned out making it easy for visitors to view animals in their habitat.

Like Malawi, Madagascar – located off the eastern coast of Africa, about 500km from Mozambique – is a fascinating travel destination. The archipelago is made up of several large islands that form the world’s fourth largest island.

Madagascar is endowed with 45 national parks, nature conservancies and game parks of which six were in 2007 enlisted as Unesco World Heritage Sites. The six are Zahamena, Masoala, Andohahela, Marojejy, Ranomafana and the Andringitra National Park.

The island is home to five percent of the world’s animal and plant species of which 80 per cent are not found anywhere else on earth.

Madagascar safaris, which are best taken during the cool dry season between March and September, offer visitors some rare opportunities to watch endemic animal species in their natural habitats.

A Great Place on Earth to Visit

30The Great Lakes of North America exhibits the largest area occupied by the freshwater body in the world. The entire area around the lakes is full of unique and exotic natural scenic beauty that mesmerizes the visitors. The area of the lake includes the states such as Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Great Lakes is actually a group of lakes comprising Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Huron. These lakes altogether forms a natural boundary between Canada and United States of America. It covers around 245,660 square kilometers of area. The shoreline of the lakes measures well over ten thousand miles. It is also an important route of transportation for trade of iron ore, steel, grain and many other things.

There are many other minor rivers that contribute to Great Lakes such as Niagra River, St. Lawrence River, Detroit River and St. Marys River. It is estimated that around thirty five thousand islands are located along the Great Lakes. It is speculated that the basin of the lakes was started to form around two billion years. These lakes are connected by a straits, short rivers and canal.

Etienne Brule was the first European to see any of the Great Lakes in the year 1612. Etienne Brule was a French trader and he saw Lake Huron for the very first time. In 1614, again Samuel de Champlain with Brule explored the area and found Lake Ontario. The area of the region is rich in furs and was the reason for competition between Americans, English and French. Their struggle stopped with the end of the war in 1812 and the area started concentrating on rapid settlement.

Great Lakes have become most sought after tourist destination of United States of America. Entire area of the Great Lakes is blessed with exotic views, lush green forests and fertile agricultural lands with rich mineral resources. It also exhibits a great variety of fauna and flora.

One can also find some magnificent sand dunes, rocky shorelines, grasslands, green forests along with great landscapes. The sand dune of Lake Michigan is the world,s largest freshwater sand dune. One can also find some caves and giant rookeries around the Wisconsin lake.

Shipwreck Museum is one of the most fascinating and exciting attractions around the Great Lakes. This magnificent museum is located in the area of the oldest lighthouse on Lake Superior at Whitefish Point, Michigan. This museum exhibits a great range of shipwreck marvels. One can imagine about the stories of ships and sailors by taking into an account of artifacts and exhibits.

Whatever may be the field of your interest, Great Lakes has everything that amuses you. This is one of the most ideal places on earth for the people looking for some adventure in form of canoeing, mountain biking, fishing, sailing, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and many more things that make your trip a memorable one.

Great Lakes is a great place to visit as it offers an exciting and mind boggling attractions and are very well complimented with the natural beauty exotic landscapes.